Hack Habbo Hotel Accounts

Habbo  is one of the most popular online games and before they changed its name it was called Habbo Hotel , and many members still call it that way. There are many versions of this game and many websites that allow you to make a free account and play this awesome game. Most of the members play on official Habbo website , but there are some that play on other versions such as Habbix for French users. Due to the overall popularity of the game there were many requests to make a habbo cheats tool that will allow the users to generate coins and items and add them straight to your account. But before we go into the detail about the features lets see what it is.

Have you tried playing without habbo cheats after you use this hack , its not really fun hehe Works good for me , Thanks

Really good habbo cheats , i tried many others and i find these the best . When i first downloaded i realized that i had the old version so i downloaded here and it worked great.

yea i also tried some others and this is the only one that worked for me

I have been using it for 2-3 weeks now , works good on official Habbo too

I tried the item generator , but i now just use coin generator , works great and i buy whatever i like

im using it since it was beta , works good even tho i dont play much now , only a day or two per week (sry for bad english )

I love it , i am playing french version of Habbo for over a week with these cheats

i had trouble downloading but i realized it was my mistake , i cleared cache and cookies and it worked well. You are right man, it works like a charm, english version here

Thanks for the tip, i downloaded it today with chrome and it worked for me , also English

Why dont you try Save , and try using something other then Internet Explorer , its known to bug a lot.

I had problems with IE but i downloaded chrome and it downloaded good. Got the hack to work in 10 or so minutes , Thanks

i really enjoy habbo with these cheats , im using it for 2 weeks and its still good.

Awesome , this really helps with habbo , i was getting bored playing without it

Hehe, yea, its much more fun to play with the cheats

I use it to get more coins , i will try item generator as well in few days , but you can buy stuff with coins anyway

Im playing on French Habbix and it can be used there as well

i also tried it on official and i can confirm that coin generator works like a charm

I didnt play Habbo for like a year , maybe ill go back now , thanks for another great soft

Hehe , i tried that game once, was tough without any cheats

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